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  BAS Sonam Choeden544

  Dividend IncomeSonam Choeden705

  Intangible Assets Sonam Choeden644

  Tax issuesRoy Whittington687

  ComparativesRoy Whittington837

  valuation of employee benefitskinley dem653

  clarificationskinley dem4487

  Preparation of Profit or Loss Statement during the project phase Sonam Choeden963

  Profit or Loss AccountHem Nepaul722

  Subsequent costsSonam Choeden562

  Actuarial Valution (BAS 19)ugyenchada684

  BAS 41 AgricultureRoy Whittington682

  Credit Rating and ISO Certification Sonam Choeden671

  Standardsmenuka chhetri671

  Recognition of Exchange DifferencesSonam Choeden542

  Quarterly Accounts and comparison thereofSonam Choeden544

  BFRS-8 Operating Segmentmenuka chhetri523

  Depreciationmenuka chhetri633

  Online course Sonam Choeden601

  BAS 21 The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates Sonam Choeden361

  Allocation of Indirect CostsSonam Choeden552

  Intgeractive Help Desk on BASadmin911

  Listed CompaniesRoy Whittington681

  IFRS ConferenceLoknath692

  2nd Help Desk on BAS Phase ILoknath541

  3rd Help Desk on BAS Phase Iadmin561

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